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Don’t bite somebody just because you have a bad day!


Stress – the killer in our lives!

Are you a type A person? Driven by ambition? How is your rank at work and in society?

Prolonged, sustained, excessive stress and your response to it, not only causes deterioration of your brain , but it also compromises your immune system and your ability to fight off diseases. When you are stressed, the body shuts down your immune system and disease starts to develop.

This could mean you are prone to cardiovascular disease, stomach ulcers, clogged arteries, weight gain and much more….. chronic stress can kill the brain cells, change the brain circuits and impact your memory. Severe acute stress can make it impossible to remember things you usually remember well. Stress impacts your sleep and it can make you feel miserable. But does it have to be this way?

Thousands of years ago, we mostly lived until we either starved, were accidentally poisoned or we were eaten by another animal. Now, we have the distinct ability to slowly kill ourselves over a period of about 80 years with chemical laced foods, too much alcohol and prolonged reaction to stressful events. Find out why the length of your telomeres and therefore your lifespan is shortened. All are avoidable, if we make the choice to do so.

Increase your odds of suffering from stress related diseases and get a good picture of how you might be or have been exposed to stress in your life – stress is a dangerous killer. You want to deal with it, before it’s too late.

Watch the documentary below – it’s a great 56 min. and they go fast. Everyone should watch it, so please do share…..