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I was at WholeFoods today and saw a new water product, which I had to check out (I didn’t buy it, but just looked at the product). The bottle caught my attention with its interesting name BLK. At first I thought it was a black bottle with some clear content inside of it. It’s actually the other way around – black water in a clear bottle :).

When I looked at the bottle it said: “Naturally black, blk. is a refreshing natural spring water infused with Fulvic Acid. Our organic proprietary formula, with a high pH of 9.0+, helps to balance the human body’s pH levels. blk. contains over 77 trace minerals and electrolytes, which are an essential part of health & wellness: FRESH WATER TASTE. MAXIMUM BENEFITS. ENJOY THE DARK SIDE OF WATER.”

I know how important and a great supplement fulvic acid is, but it’s the first time I see it as a commercially made water product, and after the Adaya Clarity scandal I am even more cautious with beverage enhanced drinks, than ever before.

I don’t think the average person knows what fulvic acid is and what it can do for you (do you know?), so why would they drink it? I personally take fulvic acid as part of my longevity program (that I learned from David Wolfe long time ago :), so of course this beverage has caught my attention.

What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is a nutritious and detoxifying compound created in extremely small amounts by millions of beneficial microbes working on decaying plant matter. It has the ability to dissolve and bond minerals, and draw nutritional elements into its molecular structure. Fulvic acid is a natural electrolyte, and one of the most powerful antioxidants ever.  Fulvic acid detoxifies heavy metals and pollutants. Research has shown that fulvic acid improves enzymatic reactions in cells, so a lot of benefits and so much more to be said 🙂

But, the critic needs to get out of the closet

I always look at the ingredient list, when it comes to any food or beverage. For me there is a lot more to a claim, that says things like: organic, vegan or gluten-free – so let’s have a peek….


# 1 – Natural spring water

Where does the source of spring water come from? Is it purified? Has any tests shown contamination? We know, that not all bottled water and especially so-called spring waters are not purified and good quality drinking water, just check the water reports from the Environmental Working Group (this organization is really the best ever!).


# 2- PH of 9 – is that good for you?

I would like to know the brand of the fulvic acid the producer used. Not all fulvic acid is the same. Also a pH of 9 sounds pretty high to me.

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. A liquid that has a pH of 7 is considered to be neutral (pure water is generally considered to have a neutral pH). Fluids that have a pH below 7 – like lemon juice and coffee – are considered to be acidic. And fluids that have a pH above 7 – like human blood and milk of magnesia – are considered to be alkaline.

It’s also important to understand that on the pH scale, each number represents a tenfold difference from adjacent numbers – in other words, a liquid that has a pH of 6 is ten times more acidic than a liquid that has a pH of 7, and a liquid with a pH of 5 is one hundred times more acidic than pure water. (Most carbonated soft drinks (pop) have a pH of about 3, making them about ten thousand times more acidic than pure water). Please remember this the next time you think about drinking a can of pop…so now you can do your own math the other way around…. to me it sounds like major detox, but I could be wrong 🙂


# 3 – The bottle is made of plastic

What type of plastic is used for this water? I sure don’t want to drink water out of a BPA plastic water bottle, and I certainly want to avoid drinking any beverage out of plastic if I can. Plastic is really not something you want to buy your food products in at all. Always go for glass products or a natural container. It’s better for you and the environment! 🙂 – Check EWG on plastic bottles!


The best solution and cheaper

I know most people are into convenience. But convenience comes at a price – on your food and beverage quality and your health. So I always say – go for the natural easy solution, which is often also the most affordable in the long run.

My recommendation for you is to reap the benefits from Fulvic acid by getting something called Ultra Liquid Zeolite Liquid (from Omica) and just put a few drops in purified/distilled water (this bottle will last you a long time). You can also make a super smoothie or elixir drink and add a little fulvic acid and you are good to go! Clean source, affordable and highly efficient and easy!

I don’t think BLK will appeal to the average consumer, although they are the ones most likely to need it…. that said, we all need it 🙂 – I have put an easy link to Amazon, so you can order one of the best zeolite products I know – easy breezy…..! 🙂

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