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Got Mylk?

I just came across the new Got Milk campaign, which is attempting to smear the alternative milk industry. It’s really obvious how much they must be suffering, since they are trying to ridicule alternatives to milk.

In the movie, you will see that the milk industry forgot to make an extra carton of milk available for the student (you) to see. They forgot to tell, that in today’s industrialized cows milk, we find several not so natural ingredients like:

  • Antibiotics (probably the reason why people have allergy-related asthma., eczema, bronchitis, sinusitis, autoimmune disorders, frequent colds, ear infections, acne and even behavioral problems)
  • Hormones
  • GMO’s
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup….(just to name a few)

Industrialized cows milk is loaded with unhealthy stuff and bacteria, so much that they can’t sell it raw (that’s why they have to pasteurize all non organic milk) and that’s why the milk industry is fighting a war against raw milk producers (but that’s another story).

I think the milk industry got their own white slimy glue stuck in their throat…. They don’t even consider the many people who have dairy allergies or intolerances, all because of the non natural product they have created to make higher profits.

Did you know, that about 50% of all school children and this number may even be higher, have milk allergies? Most parents don’t test their kids for milk allergies/intolerances, and if they suspect it, they often won’t even consider to stop feeding their kids dairy products, and hope they just grow out of it.

Asthma is one symptom, that is caused by milk, and traditional asthma medication does work, but the sad thing is, that this medication cause bone loss, so something to think about…. kids don’t outgrow milk allergies, the symptoms just manifest in other areas of the body over time.

And for the record…. the raw home made, organic almond, coconut alternatives to cows milk are called mylk and not milk, so there you have a clear distinction – and the moustache from a nut or seed mylk look just as sexy, and even better than the cows milk version.

Click here to get the real version of mylk, and taste the difference

“Of all mammals, only humans drink the milk of another species.” – Dr. Russell J. Bunai

Want to read more about the relationship between asthma and milk? 


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