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A cookie and a smile!

Ok, I just can’t control myself…. I had to do this post before the one I originally planned….that one will have to wait for tomorrow 🙂 – It was a spur of the moment, as I have been thinking about how I could make the best ever chocolate chip cookies without having to compromise on flavor and add one single nut.

I made the cookie dough I had envisioned and it was amazing! The final test is always when they come out of the dehydrator and the kids try them :). It literally took me 5 min. to  make the dough, and another 5 min. to roll and flatten into cookies…. the dehydration is always the part that takes the longest, but the good thing is you never have to wait until something is “baked” as dehydrated treats can be eaten at any time – it’s just about texture if you ask me!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan, Gluten-free, Nut-free, Soy-free and filled with love & happiness! You can make these raw (from oat groats and with home-made chocolate chip cookies) or high raw with organic thick raw oats and vegan (store bought chocolate chips)…the choice is yours!

These cookies are kid testet – score is 10/10 🙂


  • 1 cup organic oat flour (Add oats or oat groats to a high speed blender)
  • 2 cups organic oats or oat groats
  • 1 cup organic sunflower butter
  • 1/2 organic raw agave
  • 1/4 cup organic raw honey
  • 1/4 cup organic coconut oil
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Vegan or raw chocolate chips (home made)

To make

  1. Make the oat flour in a high speed blender (I used a Vitamix)
  2. Add in all the ingredients, except the coconut oil – mix well
  3. Add the coconut oil (mine was still a little hard, which was ok)
  4. Transfer the cookie dough to a bowl and mix in the chocolate chips with a wooden spoon or use your hands
  5. Use an ice cream scoop or eye measurement to make little dough balls – flatten and place on a Teflex dehydrator sheet
  6. Dehydrate at 145F for 1 hour and then another 24-36 hours at 105F-118F

The cookies will be warm and soft when taken out of the dehydrator and are best eaten when just made.

To serve

Serve with a chilled glass of almond mylk and closed eyes for a great experience! 🙂

Cookie dough

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Quinoa Collard Wrap











This recipes is vegan, raw, gluten-free, nut-, and corn free.

The miso is fermented soy, but is from an organic source and its fermented which makes it a very different food than regular soy.

If you don’t know what to make for dinner, this recipe is the perfect healthy fast food with flavors and textures you may not expect from a simple raw food recipe.

Collard greens are often thought of as a Southern style dish, but collard greens and their cousins, beet greens,, dandelion greens, mustard greens and turnip greens are getting a lot more respect after they were introduced as a nutritional powerhouse.

Collard greens are loaded with beta-carotene (which converts into Vitamin A, which is a very powerful antioxidant and is known for fighting cancer), and they are loaded with chlorophyll, enzymes (raw state only), Vitamin C, calcium and fiber.

On that note, I just want to add in a little information about Beta Carotene and Vitamin A, which is important. First Beta Carotene and Vitamin A are not the same. Vitamin A is converted from Beta Carotene and a large portion of the population, which include children, infants, diabetics and those with thyroid or pancreatic problems, or with celiac or sprue disease, have a hard time making this conversion or can’t do it at all.  Certain prescription drugs (Rx drugs), too high of a consumption of polyunsaturated oils, stress or a low fat diet can also make this conversion difficult or impossible. So basically a lot of people are not getting their enzymes and anti-oxidants.

In this meal, quinoa deliver the extra protein (it’s a complete protein source compared to other grains) and calcium (twice of whole wheat). The avocado provide the healthy fats and the miso is the fermented part of your meal and even though it’s sodium content is pretty high, this does not impact the body in the same way as regular salt, it can actually benefit your cardiovascular system and fermented foods should in general be part of a healthy diet, due to its many health benefits for the digestive and immune system.

For the weight conscious, collard leaves deliver. They are great fat fighter, have few calories and provide you with a nice sense of being fulfilled.


I have tested this on my two kids (5 & 10 year olds) and they both loved the crunch of the collard leaves, so don’t be afraid to give it a try on your kids too!







Quinoa Collard Wraps

(makes 4 wraps)



  • 8 large collard greens leaves – washed and dried
  • 1 cup quinoa – sprouted or cooked
  • 1 tblsp sesame tahini (optional)
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 large roughly chopped carrots
  • 1 tblsp freshly grated ginger
  • 1 small shallot – chopped
  • 1 tblsp of miso paste
  • 1 tblsp chia seeds
  • 1 tsp raw honey
  • 1 tblsp organic rice vinegar
  • 1 tblsp sesame oil
  • 1/4 tsp Himalayan pink salt
  • 1 grated raw beets
  • 1 avocado – peeled, pitted and sliced
  • 2 cups sprouts or micro greens


To make

  1. Cut the end stems off each collard leaf and shave down the stalk (I used a carrot peeler), making it the same thickness as the rest of the leaf.
  2. Mix tahini and a bit of lemon juice into the quinoa and set aside
  3. To make a carrot-Ginger paste, add the carrots, ginger, shallots, miso paste, chia seeds, honey and rice vinegar in a food processor, and process until smooth.
  4. Add the sesame oil and salt
  5. Place a collard leave on your cutting board.
  6. Spread out an even amount of the carrot ginger paste carrot spread in each wrap.
  7. Top with quinoa, avocado slices, and then the shredded beet, and fill up with plenty of fresh sprouts.
  8. Fold the collard sides over and roll them tightly – just like a burrito.
  9. Serve immediately or store in the fridge
  10. The wraps keeps fresh for 1-2 days in the fridge

shave the collard leave stalk


















Don’t bite somebody just because you have a bad day!


Stress – the killer in our lives!

Are you a type A person? Driven by ambition? How is your rank at work and in society?

Prolonged, sustained, excessive stress and your response to it, not only causes deterioration of your brain , but it also compromises your immune system and your ability to fight off diseases. When you are stressed, the body shuts down your immune system and disease starts to develop.

This could mean you are prone to cardiovascular disease, stomach ulcers, clogged arteries, weight gain and much more….. chronic stress can kill the brain cells, change the brain circuits and impact your memory. Severe acute stress can make it impossible to remember things you usually remember well. Stress impacts your sleep and it can make you feel miserable. But does it have to be this way?

Thousands of years ago, we mostly lived until we either starved, were accidentally poisoned or we were eaten by another animal. Now, we have the distinct ability to slowly kill ourselves over a period of about 80 years with chemical laced foods, too much alcohol and prolonged reaction to stressful events. Find out why the length of your telomeres and therefore your lifespan is shortened. All are avoidable, if we make the choice to do so.

Increase your odds of suffering from stress related diseases and get a good picture of how you might be or have been exposed to stress in your life – stress is a dangerous killer. You want to deal with it, before it’s too late.

Watch the documentary below – it’s a great 56 min. and they go fast. Everyone should watch it, so please do share…..



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Transition to the Fall Season

Hello Friday and Welcome to Fall season!

It seems like we had a gradual and smooth transition from Summer to Fall this week…. I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel the need for warmer clothes in the morning, although the weather here in North California is pretty warm during the day.

On the food side, I also feel a change and a need for different foods than during the Summer months. It’s time to indulge in warm drinks and warming foods. It’s quite normal and part of the seasonal change. Fall season is not just about a change in the calendar, the weather or the foods, but it’s also an energetic change.

In Ayurveda, the Fall season is more connected with the energies of Vata, meaning that the weather becomes cool and dry and the elements of air and space (ether) are more present in our lives. This is always exciting times, because Vata brings us mental alertness and creativity – when Vata is out of balance we might discover we have a restless mind, anxiety or worry.

So how can we balance the change of season? The answer is quite clear: through diet and lifestyle! I am starting to change my own foods and lifestyle routines and really making an effort to get in sync with the changes of nature. I love inspiring others to do the same, so they can maintain high energy levels, avoid common colds and even the flu, feel inspired, nourished and happy 🙂

Fall is a great season to start an intensive and deep detox. YES! This is the best time of the year to clean the colon and start nurturing yourself at a deeper level. You want to detox your body, mind and spirit and get rid of the build-up toxins, stress, travel stress, bad lifestyle choices and even weight gain.

Fall is the perfect time to get back into more hard core exercise and focus on your life goals. It’s also the time, where you need to add in special medicinal herbs and supplements, that helps stimulate your immune system, and make it as efficient as possible in destroying harmful fungi, bacteria and viruses.

A slow detox is a great way for many people, as it won’t send your body into a healing crisis (shock cleansing) due to toxic substances that are expelled faster than your organs can remove them. This can actually lead to toxicity in the blood and lymph. You want to nourish and support the body while doing the detox and strengthen your digestion. Fall detox is different than a Summer detox.

For the body, Fall is associated with the large intestine, lungs and the skin. From a mind perspective, it’s a time to reflect on the past year and “let go” on all levels in preparation for the Winter season – this should be your time to retreat and consolidate. Eating seasonal foods before the Winter is key!

So what can you can do to get started?

Here are some recommendations:

In general it’s good with grounding and warmer foods (it doesn’t always mean cooked, it could be warming herbs and spices added to your un-cooked foods) or it could be slightly heated or steamed foods and elixir drinks.

Fruits: avocado, coconuts, figs, grapes, mango, melon, olives, papaya, , olives
Vegetables:  sweet potatoes, peas, beets, carrots, eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, squash, peppers, artichokes, green beans, yams.
All nuts and seeds are good.
Warming spices such as ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, horseradish, cloves and garlic. Celtic sea salt is also good.
Drink warm liquids like warm coconut or almond mylk (or milk alternatives) with raw cacao, maca and medicinal herbs, herbal teas, spice teas, warm water with lemon
Protein sources such as leafy green vegetables, chick peas, lentils, quinoa



Fall is a great time to get back to daily self-massage with a warm oil, especially around your joints is beneficial. Dry brushing (at least twice a week) is the best things to do in the morning before a shower. Use nourishing oils such as sesame, coconut, olive, almond, and Castor oil.

Yoga, stretching, breathing exercises and meditation are the perfect physical activities for this time of the year. It keeps you balanced and mentally focused.

Hiking, walking, cycling, are all great ways to move. I personally like to get in better shape with my running, rowing and weight training during this time of the year, but I guess we all have our own things we are passionate about! 🙂


Dry brushing method

  1. Start with your feet, moving in soft circular movements (always move toward the heart).
  2. Work up each leg (one at a time) and start at the back and go up thorugh the buttock and the front of the legs.
  3. Then you move on to the fingertips of one arm, move up the arm and towards the heart. Repeat on other arm.
  4. Move to the back (you can use a brush if you can’t reach or have a morning buddy :)).
  5. Move toward the stomach, starting and finishing with one side of the back and then the other.
  6. In the stomach area start at the lower abdomen and work your way up (stay clear of the more delicate areas) and end at your chest in an upward stroke.
  7. Rinse off, shower and put oil on your skin


Be well and enjoy Fall and the weekend! 🙂



“Life is entertaining when we do not take it too seriously.                                               A good laugh is an excellent remedy for human ills.”

Paramahansa Yogananda


Got Mylk?

I just came across the new Got Milk campaign, which is attempting to smear the alternative milk industry. It’s really obvious how much they must be suffering, since they are trying to ridicule alternatives to milk.

In the movie, you will see that the milk industry forgot to make an extra carton of milk available for the student (you) to see. They forgot to tell, that in today’s industrialized cows milk, we find several not so natural ingredients like:

  • Antibiotics (probably the reason why people have allergy-related asthma., eczema, bronchitis, sinusitis, autoimmune disorders, frequent colds, ear infections, acne and even behavioral problems)
  • Hormones
  • GMO’s
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup….(just to name a few)

Industrialized cows milk is loaded with unhealthy stuff and bacteria, so much that they can’t sell it raw (that’s why they have to pasteurize all non organic milk) and that’s why the milk industry is fighting a war against raw milk producers (but that’s another story).

I think the milk industry got their own white slimy glue stuck in their throat…. They don’t even consider the many people who have dairy allergies or intolerances, all because of the non natural product they have created to make higher profits.

Did you know, that about 50% of all school children and this number may even be higher, have milk allergies? Most parents don’t test their kids for milk allergies/intolerances, and if they suspect it, they often won’t even consider to stop feeding their kids dairy products, and hope they just grow out of it.

Asthma is one symptom, that is caused by milk, and traditional asthma medication does work, but the sad thing is, that this medication cause bone loss, so something to think about…. kids don’t outgrow milk allergies, the symptoms just manifest in other areas of the body over time.

And for the record…. the raw home made, organic almond, coconut alternatives to cows milk are called mylk and not milk, so there you have a clear distinction – and the moustache from a nut or seed mylk look just as sexy, and even better than the cows milk version.

Click here to get the real version of mylk, and taste the difference

“Of all mammals, only humans drink the milk of another species.” – Dr. Russell J. Bunai

Want to read more about the relationship between asthma and milk? 


  • Alternative cures by Dr. James Braly
  • Dr. Frank Oski, chief of pediatrics at the John Hopkins School of Medicine – don’t drink your milk
  • Andrew Weil – 8 weeks to optimum health
  • Morton Walker – Elements of danger

How to make the perfect green smoothie

Green juices have been really popular for the last few years, It seems like a lot of people understand the value of juicing, and the fact, that it helps reverse aging, digestive problems, inflammation in the body, boost energy levels, and help people lose the extra pounds. A green juice is the perfect pH balance drink and gives you a shot of concentrated vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and much more….



Don’t buy your green juices or smoothies pre-made, as they are all pasteurized and in this process all the goodness (nutrition and enzymes) are lost. Make your own and join the raw evolution by following these simple steps:


Step 1

Choose your leafy greens. You can use Swiss Chard, Kale, Spinach, Bok Choy, and Romaine Lettuce


Step 2

Choose your alkaline vegetables. Cucumber, Fennel, Broccoli, and celery are great options. You can also use beets and carrots, just be aware that they have a high sugar content so use in moderation.
Step 3
Choose some sprouts. It can be sunflower, pea, broccoli or bean sprouts. Anything green and freshly sprouted will do
Step 4
Choose some super herbs. I love to add in parsley, cilantro or mint. They taste great and they have medicinal properties
Step 5
Choose your fruit. Pears and apples are usually easy to get hold of and they are sweet without being too sweet
Step 6
Add some grasses, like wheat grass or barley to your green smoothie. Green powders are also a great choices for a quick solution.
Step 7
Spice up your green smoothie with some ginger and/or lemon juice
Step 8
Add in extra nutrition (that’s a whole new chapter 🙂
Step 9
Now you just need a great juicer or a blender and a nut milk bag to make the best green smoothie ever! It’s that simple! – and don’t forget to serve your beautiful green drink in a fab glass with a straw 🙂
If you need inspiration for your green juices, go visit the beverage section of this site – remember the sky is the limit when it comes to juicing


Why avoid agave?






Agave nectar or agave syrup is one of those amazing products, that are really great to use when making raw desserts and other raw treats. In the world of health and wellness, agave have been one of the top alternatives to white and brown sugar, chemical sweeteners like Splenda, and refined honey. Most raw food recipe books, use agave as the preferred sweetener, as it is sweet and has a great consistency to work with. For diabetics, agave was perfect, as a 2 tsp serving size of agave nectar had a glycemic index of 30, where foods that are low glycemic have an index between 0-49 and high glycemic foods are between 50-70. However, agave is not that a great healthy and natural sweetener as originally thought and there is another truth.

Agave may be vegan, but it is NOT RAW (even when it says raw on the bottle). Agave is not a whole food in nature, so in order to get that sweet syrup consistency, it needs to be heated and undergo extensive processing, that often involves the use of chemicals. Even though agave has a low glycemic index, it’s fructose content is up to 90%, which is actually higher than high fructose corn syrup, which averages 55% fructose.

So how do you choose a sweetener, that is a whole food or at least raw? So which sweetener should you choose to lower your risk of cancer and obesity?
Here’s the options:
Raw Sweeteners
  • – Dates
  • – Figs
  • – Raisins
  • – Dried sweet fruit
  • – Coconut sugar
  • – Banana powder (made from red bananas)
  • – Stevia (300 times sweeter than sugar)
  • – Raw Honey
  • – Yacon Syrup
  • – Xylitol
Not raw but healthy
  • – Maple Syrup
Choose your sweetener wisely. The more whole foods, the better!