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LongevityNow Conference – Day 3 (speaker: Dr. Judith Orloff)

Dr. Judith Orloff and me at the LNC 2012

The next speaker was Dr. Judith Orloff (JO)was the next speaker. She is a MD and an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and author of the New York Times and international bestseller Emotional Freedom.

I have not heard about her before, but I think she made some really strong points, that I easily could relate to. She had a very holistic approach to health and that is one of the things I like about all the doctors at the conference….



They “holistic” doctors are not into over-medicating people and just subscribing a pill because its easy and because the “system” wants to handle the sick this way. They look for the cause of the disease and try various healing strategies, which incl. meditation, change of diet, incl. super foods and herbs etc.

Judith Orloff says we need to listen to our bodies and ask for inner guidance. We also need to realize what our belief systems is about health. What you believe in, set on a bio chemical response of chemicals and they will either make you feel good or the opposite…. we should lead a life of POSITIVITY instead of FEAR.

She also believe we are all on a healing journey – Your path is unique and your challenges are made specifically for you. Don’t compare yourself with others – Be sweet and compassionate with yourself – change your thoughts to more compassion. Raise your kids and provide them with powerful beliefs – make a commitment to live a fearless life – take breath – make a new commitment – and when you doubt…. help someone else….and remember NO is no a complete sentence…so don’t ever say no, or I can’t do this or no this is not for me…. NO is never an option for those who want more out of life…..

Best tip of the day:

This is something that is worth talking with your kids about too… we can all get this feeling, that a person has bad energy. They completely drain you or beam out this negative energy or you have this gut feeling, that something is not right…. the trick is to always follow your instinct…. move away from this person…even if that person sits next to you, or is constantly up in your face. You just get up and move to a different place. If you are in a position where you can not move away, turn your body away from this person and protect yourself from their negative energy. Listen to your gut…if something feels wrong, it is wrong!

If someone tells you something bad about another person, ignore other people or ask you to not talk or socialize with a certain person or  if this person bad mouths about someone else, then you can be sure, you will get the same treatment from that person, the moment you are no longer in their favor. Stay clear of those people, hold up your head and let them talk and act in their own nasty way…it tells a lot more about them, than it does about you. Remove yourself from people like that at all times, as they are massive energy drainers and will suck out your creativity and happiness.

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