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LongevityNow Conference – Day 3 (The last day, but not the last time)

It’s always with a little bit of sadness, that I leave the LongevityNow conference in Costa Mesa. I love being around like-minded health conscious people in a concentrated space for 3 days… it’s so empowering, educational, delicious and fun.  You meet healers, raw foodists, herbalists, raw food creators, doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, therapists, elite athletes, people who suffer from diseases who are here to find renewed hope and many more…….. and of course, I always enjoy the tonic bar around the corner, with super-hero power drinks, soups and ice creams.

Being at a conference is like living in a bubble with the best of everything and it makes me wonder, why we don’t create a world, where we have all these things around us every single day, instead of the plastic created chemical loaded environment, that doesn’t serve our body and minds.

Yesterday, I was really unfortunate, as I got food poisoning an hour or so after the lunch I had from the raw food truck (I blame it once again on the macadamia nuts). I got so sick, that I had to take an hour here and there to go and recover and just lie down. I missed a few speakers in the middle of the day. I could barely sit up at the conference during the rest of the day…but I recovered enough at the end of the evening to enjoy myself and listen to the speakers I hadn’t heard before…. really not good, but the raw water I drank for the next two days saved me.

I had just been on a 21 days detox, so I had only had raw foods and very little food in my stomach for the 3 days prior to the conference, and unfortunately this restaurant always use macadamia nuts…. and they always taste rancid – it’s not the first time I get sick from their foods, but this time was worse due to my detox and it makes me vulnerable to foods, that are not 100% fresh.

Speakers of the day…. I missed Jenny Ross from 118 Degrees – she did a raw food demo….

The next speakers now have their own blog post.









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