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LongevityNow Conference – Day 3 (speaker: Truth Calkins)

The next speaker of the day was Truth Calkins is the herbalist who runs the Erewhon Tonic bar in Los Angeles. Erewhon is my absolute favorite place to shop when I go for food in LA. They have EVERYTHING you need for a healthy lifestyle. It’s just the most amazing store with all the superfoods, raw foods and then this spectacular tonic bar in the middle.


Truth Calkins talked about various medicinal herbs, tonics and extracts and he for sure knows his stuff.

Every year I have been to the LNC, he has been the man behind the tonic and elixir bar at the LongevityNow conference and the tonic bar never disappoints. It offers a large variety of elixir drinks.

I have by now tried a good selection, even though I have to make a few changes to my drinks, but that’s never an issue (I guess everyone has their own philosophy about what health it).. – since I am vegan I take out colostrum and I absolutely despise stevia, so that goes too… however, this time I did by accident get stevia in one of my beverages, and it was a new brand, which didn’t taste as bad, so for those who would like to try the new stevia, that doesn’t kill your tastebuds, stay tuned, as I will most likely bring it up in another post.

Talking about beverages, imagine warm drinks that taste like cappuccino without the coffee and dairy and then loaded with medicinal herbs and raw cacao…. then go even further and think ice creams and soups…. well, I live on these drinks every year…and the only meal I had on the last the day of the conference, was a speciality $18,000 Jing Master ice cream…. I had it specially made, so I could stay awake and drive from LA to Northern California without falling asleep… – I basically thrived from 10.30 pm when I left the conference (and I hadn’t eaten all day, except a few kale chips, and some elixir drinks) until 6 am when I arrived home…. this is just the most potent stay awake drink you can have (without the caffeine and other nasty ingredients, that mess up your brain)…. I later tried the new jing master elixir mixture, that I now enjoy at home… I love to make my own versions of elixir drinks, they are so good for every cell in your body.


Tonic bar view from 2012 LNC

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