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Longevity Conference – Day 2 (Speaker: Ron Teeguarden)

Last man of the day was Ron Teeguarden (RT)… the Master Herbalist, and the father of the tonic herbs movement in the US. He is also the co-founder of Dragon Herbs. His knowledge about herbs is beyond anyone I have ever heard.

I like his philosophy about taking medicinal herbs…. Don’t take them for today, but take them for tomorrow…. and this is a major difference in belief systems, than we have been taught by the Western Medicinal World, where you take your medicine now and hope to get some relief instantly…. no doubt that herbalists are a lot smarter… they prepare us for what is coming or could be coming, so we can withstand whatever hits us.

In this context, I think David Wolfe was spot on, when he said (about all of us taking medicinal herbs)… “we are not healing ourselves – we are activating super powers… 🙂

Ron Teeguarden also talked a lot about the body mind connection. How the different organs relate to each other. It’s so important to take care of your kidney and liver. When the kidneys are weak, the heart gets clogged and your mental power will be weak. One of the reasons I love cleansing/detoxing is to support the kidneys (and the liver) and when you do so, you really feel the impact…you get a very clear mind and feel strong …. People who get kidney stones, really need to change their lifestyle, as its an indication of weak kidneys…. kidneys are related to inner power, sex drive, life force…and so much more, so imagine what a lifestyle change and medicinal herbs can do, when you really clean up.

I loved Ron Teeguarden’s keys to wisdom…. and here are a few of his nuggets:

1) Live a life of moderation

2) Live a natural life

3) Give

4) Contemplate destiny (take time to think) and free will

5) Consider others

6) Read great books by wise people

7) Know the difference between wisdom & wordily knowledge

8) Nurture the Earth – Plant trees (even if you move)…..

And last but not least…. love yourself, love others and practice the all embracing love… go spread love….

Let go of being judgmental and resentful or being jealous. We are all one…. we all have a story…. we never know what other people have been through in their life…. show kindness – this is how we change the world….

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