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Longevity Conference – Day 2 (Speaker: Dr. Robert J. Marshall)

After Raw Solla it was Dr. Robert J. Marshall (RM) who took the stage. He is a clinical nutritionist and has a weekly radio broadcast, called Healthline Live, where he offers information on health, lifestyle choices and nutrition. He is also the CEO of Quantum Nutrition Labs.

He brought up a theme, I find very important: The golden past to the empty harvest. This was about how our foods has been changed by the food and chemical industry, and gradually since the early 1900′s been changed.

We all know the development that refined sugar and flour has played in our foods and with guaranteed nutritional deficiency as a result. We have also seen have synthetic supplements have been mass produced and added to foods, so that consumers have been fooled to believe they don’t have to care about what they eat, as the industry has already added what you need (have you ever found yourself to believe in added vitamin story or are you too smart to eat those foods).

RM also talked about the importance of good and bad oils, and the impact on the brain. In general the message was about how the lack of proper nutrients leads to degeneration of the DNA and lead to premature cell death. I really liked one term he used about the supermarkets today: The mausoleum (basically the tomb of dead foods)… I can relate to that whenever I look at all the processed foods everywhere, and the dead caucuses of animals in the meat section. This is exactly what a lot of people’s freezers look like as well. Another topic that came up was the calcium issue and how the body takes calcium from the bones and the teeth, when this mineral is lacking in your diet. And those of you who already know this, know that you want to avoid pasteurized dairy products at all times and eat green leafy vegetables, if you want to avoid diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis. You may wonder why I would say green leafy vegetables. The green leafy vegetables actually have more calcium than dairy, and the extra benefit is that they don’t acidify your blood.

RM also brought up the issue of alcohol use from a recent study, that showed that alcohol speeds up the aging process…. so if you want to stay young, look and feel young (especially in your brain), you want to avoid this. A lot of nutritional information was provided, most of it I already knew, but the good thing he reminded me of, was how much more of everything you need when you get older (and this is what’s usually lack in older peoples diets, especially enzymes and they need to hydrate better). I learned that glasses (for children and older people is highly preventable…

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