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Longevity Conference – Day 2 (Speaker: David “Avocado” Wolfe)

You can’t have a LongevityNow Conference without David “Avocado” Wolfe himself. although, I think he is not enough on stage, as he used to be in the past years.

I always enjoy his inspirational teachings and incredible source of light and energy. He is a true master in super foods, super herbs and longevity foods & nutrition. If I had not met him some years ago, I probably would never have had the passion and insights into raw foods and super foods as I do.

Each conference I get a chance to talk with David Wolfe, but this time was even better, as I got a lot of time (I am one of his students after all :)…. so that was a wonderful time, and I can say to those who might doubt, David Wolfe is the REAL thing and he RAWKS! David Wolfe knows and lives his stuff and he has the capability to attract top notch people within the health movement/industry, so we who come to learn and enjoy these events, get the DEST DAY(S) EVER and are able to become the movers of our society! I just can’t wait for the next LongevityNow Conference and the next big thing David pulls out of his hat 🙂

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