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Longevity Conference – Day 2 (Speaker: Dr. Joel Fuhrman)

Next speaker was Dr. Joel Fuhrmam, who is also known for writing the book Eat to Live.

He spoke a lot about nutrition, IGF-1 and how a high level can shorten your lifespan, double your risk of breast cancer, and how it promotes prostate and colon cancer…. I was happy to get the confirmation once again, that soy protein is not good for you, except for tempeh and edamame beans (and soy is a chapter in itself…. ).

Dr Fuhrman came with some interesting statistics….and one of them was from West Oakland in CA…. this city had 1 supermarket, 36 liquid stores and 683 fast food restaurants…. it kind of shows you, how people eat and live in that community. Have you ever had a look at your own little town?

Another interesting fact was that 100 years ago, the average american spent 3-6 months being ill until the end of their life. Today people spend 10 years of being ill in their lifetime….so basically we are really worse off today.

It also seems like it has become normal that children are ill and needs to have so many medications, pain killers and antibiotics…. this was definitely not the case in the past….sometimes I wonder how parents have adopted this sense of being ok with giving their kids medication and asking their doctor to prescribe this…. why are they not more critical and eager to learn about the cause and change the dietary and lifestyle habits? Well, like one person said to me… it’s so much easier to take a pill, it doesn’t require the parent to make any changes and somehow the responsibility is now passed on to the system and no longer the responsibility of the parent…. what do you think about that one?

More medical care does not mean better healthcare… real healthcare is self care (the reality today is, that the US has a lower life expectancy than any other country on the planet….and the kids in america will not live as long as their parents generation (all due to bad diets).

The SAD diet…(Standard American Diet… you know the hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas, processed and grain based foods)… they are all making it impossible for the immune system to function. When the immune system is suppressed, viruses will mutate into dangerous forms. Cancer is one of those threats and the largest threat to humans. Heart disease is easy to prevent, greens are known to prevent HPV (interesting huh), and so many other diseases can be prevented and cured by eating a healthy and wholesome diet, that is based on vegetables and fruits (please notice I didn’t say plant-based here….because grains are not a health food compared to vegetables and fruit and grain foods are mostly highly processed foods)….so to stay or become healthy eat vegetables and not grains, as this will also reduce your risk of colon cancer by 57% and by adding green tea and specific mushrooms the decreased  risk is 87%.

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