The Plantbased & Un-cooked Experience

LongevityNow Conference – Day 1 (Speaker: Model Carol Alt)

The day ended with the beautiful supermodel Carol Alt. She is known for being the first supermodel, dubbed “the most beautiful woman in the world,” by Playboy, “the next million dollar face,” by Life magazine, and famous at 18 as the first American face of Lancôme. Carol Alt went on to stun the world at 21 with her breathtaking cover for Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue, an assignment any model would kill for. Her personal story to great health was truly amazing and inspiring.

Carol Alt spoke about the most powerful drug you can put into your body – Education! I so agree!!!! She also spoke about why it matters to take full responsibility of your life and health.

The message from her was basically: It doesn’t really matter how much you have, if you don’t have health. You are the power behind your own change and health…..She also made a few recipes from her new raw food cookbook. Carol Alt looked stunning and is a real example how raw paired with great genes can make you look young and hot even when you are in your 50’ies and beyond.

The quote she or was it David Wolfe made on stage was something like this….. Raw is an upgrade of the old system (cooked food) and it’s like if someone is moving from an Atari computer to a Mac….or from Dos to Lion…. so basically, if you live on processed dead foods and only eat cooked and sterile vegetables or pasteurized foods, you are operating at the old system, which we all know is equal to disease and lifestyle problems. When you upgrade to more plant baed raw and living foods, you are getting a whole new level of health, energy, balance in your body chemistry and suddenly life is so different. (something I can totally relate and agree to)

So that was basically the day yesterday…. I met a lot of wonderful people and of course got to drink my favorite elixir drinks with loads of cacao….yum…. but they are never as good as my own 🙂

This is a little insight to the fun we have here at the LongevityNow conference – BEST DAY EVER! 🙂


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