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LongevityNow Conference – Day 1

This May 2012 event, is now my third year at the Longevity Conference in Costa Mesa.

I remember coming to America 5 years ago, and I first met David Avocado Wolfe at a book signing in Santa Cruz. This led me to read  his books, and start the next level of the vegan and raw lifestyle. I was introduced to superfoods, super herbs and medicinal mushrooms.

I also went to the first conference called The LongevityNow conference. Here I met the top people in the holistic health industry in the US and got cutting-edge information on health and longevity. It was also my first meeting with extremely health conscious people here in the US.

I can’t express how much the inspiration from David Wolfe has changed mine and my family’s life. I have been able to integrate all the teachings from the top leaders in health to my own life, and transformed my life in a way I never knew was possible. The best thing is, that I 3 years later is able to teach and help people at the highest level, who no longer want to live on dead food, suffer from bad health and all kinds of ailments, that are considered to be normal. I know my mission in life, and I feel so honored to be part of this amazing group of healers and people.

This year the conference theme is mind-body connection. The speakers invited have been just amazing.

First on stage was David Wolfe, who talked about grounding technologies, placebo effects, anti-depressants, the brain, longevity, super herbs, radioactivity, various personalities and their risk of certain diseases (cancer, heart attacks), belief systems about health, love and lack of love, eye sight problems, children’s development, stress, frequencies and their impact on our behavior, and much more….. outstanding as always! And the conference just started, so I will give you the speakers as they come.

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