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Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast Day 19

I started off the morning listening to my radio interview, that was aired at 7 am on KNEW 960 am. It’s kindda odd to hear yourself talking, but I did have a wonderful time and I hope the listeners got my message. I did have more than 6 times the amount  of viewers on my site than usual, which was really great to see.

My energy levels were up in the high end today. I did have major detoxing symptoms, which I know must be due to the Healthforce deep cleanse level III I am doing. It’s really hard to understand, that you can detox for so many days and you are not even done yet…. and I live a pretty clean and very healthy and organic lifestyle with no hard alcohol or food addictions. Then I am thinking, how would it be for someone who has been abusing their bodies for years…. wow, just something that is way too easy to imagine. I so hope, that some of all of you reading this blog, feels inspired to do a cleanse. Do it for you, and not for anyone else. And if you are a mother like me, it’s the best gift you can give yourself this year – Celebrating Mothers Day and investing in this time for you and your health….. isn’t it time?

I was working most of my day today, but managed to go for a run on the trails. I killed another 12K, so I feel pretty happy about that. I need to take my running to another level when I am off the cleanse, and see what can happen – so who knows, it just seems like running at this point is the easiest exercise for me to do with the little time I have.

It’s way over midnight and now is a great time to cart celebrating Mother Day. Being a mother myself, I know what it takes to be a mom, and even though motherhood has many levels, it’s the biggest legacy we women can leave in this life….

Mothers can look through a child’s eyes and see tomorrow.
Mothers deserve the credit for raising value based leaders who accept responsibility; who possess physical,mental, and spiritual strength; who possess courage and confidence; and look with optimism to the future.
Great mothers help their childrento recognize that they can achieve the impossible
Great mothers bring the arms of comfort to an insecure child in a world of uncertainty.


The Miracle of Life nurtured by a woman who gave us love and sacrifice…MOTHER.


2 more days left on the june fast, and then I will reveal what happens after that…so stay tuned…


Weight Loss

0 kgs/lbs


Juices of the day

  • Orange-Pear-Grapefruit-Romaine-Spinach (1 L/33.8 fl oz)
  • Orange-Pineappple-Spinach-Red Chard-Parsley  (1 L/33.8 fl oz)
  • Romaine-Celery-Cilantro-Pear-Apple (1 L/33.8 fl oz)
  • 4 x coconut water (32 fl oz/946 ml)
  • Kombucha – Passionberry Bliss (16 fl. oz/473 ml)
  • Purified water (1 L/33.8 fl oz)


P.s. I just had the best flavor in Kombucha today…I like trying different brands, and I often feel SYNERGY is a little boring, but this new flavor (at least I haven’tseen it before), is now my favorite kombucha … Passionberry Bliss…the combo is blackberry and passion fruit mixed with some love… how nice is that?… a real feminine drink to enjoy on mother day and to celebrate… 1 trillion times better than any alcoholic drink… just try it! 🙂


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