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Spring cleanse – Juice Fast Day 18


Today I was very tired…maybe because I have been doing too many things during the cleanse – I was tired by highly efficient, so I am still running like a machine energy wise. I noticed that after getting really into the deep cleansing with the Healthforce Healing Cleanse Level III products, I started to make a shift…. for the first two days it was a lot of detoxing, then it went emotional and today is just about being tired…. it’s really interesting to observe the various stages. I haven’t lost the weight I was hoping for, but I also know I have been running a lot more and longer than usual and that does build muscle…and muscle weighs more than fat 🙂 …so I have chosen to forget all about the weight, even though, I weigh myself everyday during this period, just to keep track

It’s so weird to be tired in the eyes, but not in the body… It’s like as if my eyes are in a different level than the rest of my body… they want to shut down and sleep, while the body wants to run and do a lot of activity. I did massage my stomach again today, and I sense I have reached the level, where it hurts with deep tissue massage. I also wear my zapper, and the zapper zaps me today, so I have had to move it around quite a bit… I can reveal, that the zapper is doing a great job and it does work … I won’t go into it in this blog post, but I promise to add it to another in the future.

The healing cleanse products make me extremely thirsty – its like 15 min after taking them, I start feeling very dry in my mouth and throat. I now know the products work and they feel really great, except when taking them… one product is 12 capsules x 3 times a day, and the others are getting up there, as I need to take more every day…. so it’s my virgin try on the Healthforce products and at some point I will evaluate them, and let you all know, what my experience with them are. I can say one thing for sure, they are not to be compared to any of those cleanses you can buy in the health stores or supermarkets – this is cleansing at whole different level – you feel it’s going deep… powerful stuff! ,Somehow I wish I had started a little earlier in my juice cleanse, but on the other hand, I am still eating raw after the juicing, so I will still be able to continue until all products are consumed and the deep healing has been done.

It’s such a treat to do this program. I have never done any cleanse at this level and for so long. With all the things I do on the side (a lot of it I am not sharing at this point)….it’s like renewing myself at the deepest level. Yes, it takes a lot of discipline, but it has been easy for me so far, so I don’t mind if the last few days will be difficult… I just stop up and listen to what my body needs and that’s basically it….

Have you considered to give yourself the gift of doing a good deep cleanse, and regain your health & wellness yet? Starting at a clean slate and being able to absorb all the nutrients you need to thrive, not just survive?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Weight Loss 

0 kg/lbs


Juices of the day

  • Grape-Orange (1 L/33.8 fl oz)
  • Coconut water (709 ml/16 oz)
  • Spinach-Cucumber-Jalapeno-Tomatoes-Parsley-Red Chard-Carrot (1 1/4 L/50 Fl. oz)
  • Kombucha (16 fl. oz/473 ml)
  • Mango-Pineapple-Apple-Orange-Romaine Lettuce (1 L/33.8 fl oz)



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