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Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast Day 14


The days go by so fast, when you are having fun. I can’t believe this was day 14 and it felt so effortless. I am surprised of how much I detoxed today. I think my body is finally letting go of emotional stuff, since I physically should not be able to detox one bit. My work hours are grueling these days, and even Saturday I had to work all day, so I am happy I get all this energy from juicing.

I was not really in the mood for drinking a lot of juice today, so I opted for coconut water and regular purified water. I take huge amounts of chlorella and also a good portion of the liver rescue. I haven’t taken the zeoforce for some days, but maybe I should start again. The problem with the chlorella is, that it makes me feel like I had a full meal, so not much space left for some clay powder there :).

I will make it short tonight, since I have been working up until midnight again, but I hope all you health seekers and cleanse people enjoy life to the max. And go make some wonderful juice, that inspire your cells at the deepest level… it’s so worth it!

I loved the last combo I made… it was a fun combo, but tasted so great….

Weight loss of the day

  • 100g/0.22 lb

Juices of the day

  • Herbal tea
  • Peach-Romaine-Vitamineral greens-Purified water (1L/33.8 oz)
  • 100% raw coconut water (32oz/946ml)
  • Kale-Apple-Celery (1L/33.8 oz)
  • Apple-Orange-Romaine-Broccoli-Celery-Jalapeno-Jicama (1L/33.8 oz)
  • Herbal tea
  • Purified water (1L/33.8 oz)

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