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Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast Day 12


I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday, so here’s the update from yesterday! 🙂

Juicing is the one thing, that really improves your life and well-being. You will have more energy, lose weight and your skin will look amazing. Food is our main source of energy, and we all know, that fruit and vegetables should be the dominant part of a meal, and yet most people don’t even consider this a high priority.

For many people raw is synonymous with extreme…. isn’t it funny, that eating fresh, un-cooked vegetables and fruit is more extreme than eating processed, chemically sprayed, pink slime and dull white food?

People are scared of diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and they should be. The numbers are raising fast here in the US and not just in adults, but kids are eating worse food than their parents and they are the ones, who are going to live shorter lives, suffer from allergies, diabetes and other severe health challenges. Being conscious about what you eat is key and you don’t have to do a 360 overnight…. start by buying only organic produce, and stay away from soda and fast food. Don’t skip meals because you want to stay skinny or lose weight. You can eat like a king or queen, and still look great…but you’ve got to eat your veggies, incl. your kids.

People always think that the skinny/slim people are the healthy ones. Not true – I have seen a lot of skinny people who look and are very unhealthy. Their body type allow them to eat whatever they want and on top of this they can exercise often an never gain a pound. Their immune system and organs will break down over time and aging sets in, if they don’t eat a variety of foods, that incl. at least 60-70% of fresh fruit and vegetables a day. So don’t think skinny is pure health, it’s not always the case.

So what about the heavier people. I know curves are in and that’s great. I personally think women with curves look beautiful. I have seen lots of curvy women who are healthy and happy, but I have also seen a lot of women, who are overweight, obese and have a lot of health challenges.

My least favorite thing to watch is grown up adults with unhealthy acne skin. This is a very clear sign of an unhealthy diet and and unbalanced diet. The body is trying to eliminate a lot of toxins, when the skin looks like this and it’s really bad to look at and sad for those who suffer, but the good news is, it 100% preventable, like so many other health challenges.

People ask me, why I am juicing for this long…. my answer is… I juice for me… This is my gift to me. Getting the toxins (physical and mental) out of my system, preparing and cleaning up my digestive system to take in loads of high end nutrients, so I don’t get sick, balance my hormones, elevate my energy and mood levels from mediocre to extremely high. It’s like cleaning your house. when everything is clean and fresh, you feel better and can accomplish more.

Fruit and vegetables contain many of the important enzymes, vitamins and minerals, that we need to stay healthy… and I will let you in on a little secret here…. you can NEVER replace real organic fruit and vegetables by taking a daily multi-vitamin or extra Vitamin C or other commercialized supplements. These products do not deliver and most of them are synthetic made… they do not contain all the nutrients you find in real fruit and vegetables, as the scientists have never been able to copy this…so all you get out of this is a placebo effect and getting ripped for your $. And to top this…. when you don’t get your vital nutrients and you clog up your system, this is when disease thrive….

So here are the numbers for the day

I had a major detox day all day, so this was very interesting. You would think, that after 10-11 days, nothing will happen, but I can assure you, this is just the beginning, when fasting.  I still take some of my major cleanse support powders and use other strategies to get the most impact out of my cleanse.

Weight Loss: 

100g/0.22 lb

Juices of the day:

  • Sunflower Sprouts-Cucumber-Celery-Apple-Pear-Grapes-Parsley (1l/33.8 fl oz)
  • Coconut water (8 oz/235ml)
  • Beet-Celery-Apple-Orange-Parsley-Grapes (1l/33.8 fl oz)
  • Spinach-Pineapple-Rainbow Chard-Cucumber-Orange-Cilantro (1l/33.8 fl oz)
  • Coconut water (16 oz/470ml)
  • Purified water with lemon

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