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Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast – Day 9


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Hello there fellow juice enthusiasts…

Anyone started on their cleanse or at least on juicing yet? I know some of you are 🙂

Day 9 is a walk in the park. I actually feel better than ever. I had a busy but fantastic day….I got my kids ready for school, then I saw a client, shopping at Whole Foods, pick up my kids at noon, then more work, went for a quick run (because a sweet neighbor of mine helped me out), more work and so it goes…but it seems like it’s just been back to back since this morning. I did my morning juice and took some with me in a glass container, and then I had my coconut water to get me from one place to the other. Really a great way to manage your day. Every time I get home I juice (it takes me anything from 5-10 min – I need to take photos each time :)).

I was not sure if it would work with me running today. I could walk with my injured ankle without any pain. It’s still a little swollen, so I thought what the h…. – let me take a chance, as this ankle IS going to heal fast during this cleanse… so I went for a quick run and managed to fit in a 7K. At 6K I started feeling the injury, but I wanted to have that extra 1K in. If I had had the time I would have done another 3K, but that’s how life goes. It’s not the first time in my life I have had an injury, but I have to say, its the first time I have had one while juicing/cleansing. I knew injuries heal faster when you detox like I do, but not that fast. It’s incredible to experience how fast you can heal, when you put nothing but pure organic, homemade juices into your body…. It must have been the cure Jesus used to heal people and not some other power. I can’t say it enough…juicing heals the body from within the cells.

Cleansing helps you rebuild your liver and colon. You super hydrate (so this helps on the wrinkles), it builds your immune system (so no colds), and most important it helps your body to rebuild itself. Did you know that the liver has an amazing ability to repair itself. It renews itself every 5 months. It’s main job is to remove toxins from the body. Even a liver that has been damaged and maybe even cut away by operation due to alcohol abuse, will grow out and restore most of itself, so that’s really good news, when you want to change your health.

The taste buds take about 10 days, so tomorrow I will have new taste buds – yeah…I already noticed a difference, I can’t tolerate too sweet things, and I know that will happen so fats and salty things as well…. Imagine if you were a heavy smoker or ate a lot of processed foods and drank a lot of alcohol, how numb your tastebuds would be. But in 10 days you can get them back! Reclaim your taste buds!

The brain has the same age as you, so those 100 billion cells do not regenerate, in fact we lose cells, which is a cause of dementia, so make sure you feed your brain well. There is one exception to the brain regeneration…the olfactory bulb which is your sense of smell and the hippocampus (the area for learning) does regenerate, which should be good news to those, who loves to smell the flowers and good food and those who never stop to learn and grow. 🙂

The eyes…same age as you and they really don’t change. they do have the ability to recover really fast, like within 24 hours, if the top layer is damaged. The rest of the eye does not renew itself, so make sure you don’t calcify, which is the cause of most people having eye problems. (read about this on my other blog post – calcification)

The skin is amazing… it takes 2-4 weeks to renew your skin (the epidermis which is the outer layer of the skin)…but we will still get wrinkles due to loss of collagen and elasticity…so here you have two choices: 1) Gain a lot of weight in the face and you won’t have a lot of wrinkles 🙂 or 2) start juicing and live on a high raw and very low alcohol diet, then you will improve…hydration is key….I have noticed a huge difference in my skin in just 9 days and I always notice that vegans and raw foodies look a lot younger than their peers….so that should be motivation in itself, unless you don’t care 🙂

The bones/your skeleton… believe it or not, they renew themselves every 10 years, so if you have tendency to osteoporosis, a vegan and raw food diet can change the game completely… Just read my blog about calcification and you will find out why people get osteoporosis.

Now to my favorite subject… the intestines… they renew themselves in 2-3 days. This is what I call a very high turnover rate. They are constantly under pressure from stomach acid and chemicals, so they need to stay strong. The rest of the intestines protect themselves with a layer of mucus, but they also renew themselves within 3-5 days…so when you do a cleanse you do want to do at least 5 days to aid the regeneration of the intestines…

Red blood cells are four months old, and they are the ones that carry oxygen to every living tissue in your body and they help carrying waste away as well. So they die after four months, after the liver has removed all the iron from them and they then get destroyed by the spleen.

Your hair is 3-6 years old. Isn’t that neat… Each hair last up to six years in women and 3 in men. eyebrows and eyelashes are renewed every 6-8 weeks, if you don’t pluck them, as they will stop growing if you do.

So my point here is, that if you juice and fast with raw organic juices, you allow your organs to regenerate and health returns to the body…. better than surgery and medication. What a saving on your healthcare costs!

Here’s a little extra that I wrote at another time, and thought would complement the above… (its only for people who really want to know, so you are warned… :))

If you are constipated, feel depressed, suffer from fatigue, indigestion, obesity, headaches, acne, skin conditions, sinus congestion, stiff joints or aches and pains in the joints, allergies, menstrual problems, bronchitis etc. your body is full of toxins and need a break. The only way you can do this is by doing a cleanse. Did you know, that the average person carry between 7-25 pounds/3-11kgs of fecal matter in their colon? When the colon is constipated, this is due to build-up of fecal matter inside your colon and this can be the reason you have extra weight on. The colon is the most sensitive part of your body, that will initiate disease. As I once learned…. all disease starts in the colon. There are a few different ways to deal with this issue, and some of the most powerful are colon hydrotherapy and enemas in symphony with a plant-based diet.

When you cleanse/detox, you revitalize the body and regenerate your organs. The body is like any electromagnetic system. It’s in fact electrically charged. Every cell in you, emit an electrical current. When you want to stay healthy and super charged, you need to provide the body with super charged foods and beverages. If you feed your body with processed and white (lifeless) foods, you get an item into your system, that has a low frequency, and therefore something that is hard to digest for the body, and it needs to spend a lot of “electricity” to digest and break down the food. So when you put pure organic juices into your body, it’s getting charged, but when you throw down a burger or cheese pizza, this food is taking more energy from you, just to digest, and this is the reason you get tired and even sick. The energy in food is measured in megahertz (MHz) and it runs from 0-250 MHz. Green vegetables and wheatgrass provide you with about 80 MHz and super greens are like 250+ on the scale. Fruits are about 70 MHz. A Big Mac gives you 5 MHz and Fried chicken is 3MHz and a chocolate cake is about 2 MHz and canned food is 0 MHz. so this might give you an idea of why it’s so important to eat lots of raw and living foods. So now you know… 70 is the magic number…. but to simplify this I always say: high water content food… look at your food and ask yourself, is this going to cleanse me or clog me .

I want to share with you what Dr. David Hawkins (M.D./Ph.D.) has created He actually conducted a study, that demonstrated that the human body becomes stronger or weaker depending on a person’s mental state. He created a scale that mapped human consciousness…the scale ran from 1-1000. There is a lot more to it than what I mention, but his study complements the study above, and teaches about low energy (harmful) and high energy (beneficial) consciousness, which is key to which foods heal and also how you can treat illnesses or addictions, when you get to a higher level of calibration. It may sound a little weird, but it makes so much sense, when you put it into context. So to make it simple… the more living, organic foods you consume, the higher calibration, the more energy, less disease and bigger heart and consciousness you will get… and put it in a more spiritual context… the higher level of enlightenment you will get. The calibration of enlightenment is between 700-1000 (this is where Dalai Lama is), Love is 500, Acceptance 350, Willingness 310, Neutral is 250, Courage is 200, Pride is 175, Anger is 150, Fear is 100, grief 75, Apathy 50, Guilt is 30 and Shame is 20…. Guess which level some of the worst ever living humans had (e.g.Hitler) it’s not hard to imagine? So basically, every time you experience one of the feelings above, you will have this level of calibration and this is what you are sending out into the world… When you feed yourself with food and thoughts, that has been made with love and with highly calibrated ingredients, you become that…so the saying, you are what you eat is so true.

Ooops, that was a lot of writing tonight…. so I’d better give you the numbers and juices… 🙂

Weight Loss of the day

300g/0.66 lbs (this is my lowest weight in 2012)

Juices of the day:

  • Pineapple-Orange-Mango-Cucumber (1L/33.8 oz)
  • Coconut water (100% raw) (500ml/16.9 oz)
  • Sunflower Sprouts-Lemon-Celery-Tomatoes-Jalpeno pepper (500ml/16.9 oz)
  • Beet-Apple-Carrot-ginger-Celery-Cucumber (1L/33.8 oz)
  • Coconut Water (237ml/8 oz)
  • Herbal tea

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