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Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast – Day 8


Energy is very good here on day 8 and I only feel that I am detoxing a little bit.

It’s funny I get these emails from sweet people around the world, who are following my blog or just found me.. They are asking me all kinds of questions. I love getting the emails, so please keep on sending them and I will reply everyone of them, but it would be really nice if you guys also commented and asked under the blog too, so that we can share the knowledge and ideas with other people. :)-

My ankle is healing very well. I used a zapper on it all night, so that speeded up the healing process. I am trying to give it as much rest as needed, since it’s still swollen and I had red markings on the side of the ankle yesterday, (that didn’t look or feel good at all). They are completely gone today, but the swelling is still there, so more (RICE) for me. I am in the mood for a run tonight, but it probably smarter to wait another day or at least until the swelling is down… sigh! Now I am using the zapper on some scar tissue somewhere else on my body. My goal is to dissolve this scar tissue completely, and I will be monitoring the progress closely.

A zapper is a little electronic device, which has a weak electric current and add negative ions. This will destroy parasites and unhealthy tissue (eg. scar tissue), as these are positively charged. The zapper destroys parasites by reversing their polarity. Did you know, that most humans have parasites in their system, especially when they eat meat and live or travel in under-developed countries. I do remember, this was a issue for many people when I lived in Indonesia. People had these parasite treatments a couple of times year, now I just wonder how many people in the industrial world that could need this as well – have you ever had a parasite check-up? Most likely not :). The interesting thing is, that healthy tissue is always negatively charged. Viruses and fungi inside cells will take some time to destroy, but the zapping clears up the lymphatic fluids, the intestinal stomach lining, major organ ducts, the brain and the central nerve system of parasite and this itself will boost your immune system. So by utilizing this zapper, I hope to get more out of my cleanse, eliminate parasites and scar tissue (will take longer).

I did my SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration) breathing exercises for 15 min. today and it felt really invigorating and cleansing. Right after I made my lunch beverage and sat in the sun for 20 min. while enjoying the delicious green drink I made… Pure bliss…..

I loved the juices I made… I had two favorites and my kids loved the grapefruit-Mango-Mint and Orange Juice. Sad that when you juice mango, there is too much leftover pulp… I do have a green star juicer, and could get more leverage out of my veggies, but I simply don’t have time and patience for this beautiful juicer at this point…. but I think I should start using it for spinach, kale, parsley, cilantro… but we’ll see how that goes. I just have to stick with more watery veggies.

Weight Loss of the day

Not much to say, I gained 100g/0.2 lbs, which can happen when you cleanse, but nothing to worry about…..

Juices of the day

  • Warm water with citrus & herbs
  • Coconut Water (8 oz/236ml)
  • Fennel-Apple-Ginger-Spinach (0.5L/16.9 oz.) (Favorite of the day)
  • Carrot-Parsley-Apple-Orange-Cucumber (1L/33 oz.)
  • Grapefruit-Mango-Mint-Orange (0.5L/16.0 oz)
  • Sun gazing 🙂
  • Kale-Cilantro-Broccoli-Apple-Celery-Cucumber (1L/33 oz)  (Another favorite of the day)
  • Purified water
  • Herbal tea

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