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LongevityNow Conference – Day 3 (The last day, but not the last time)

It’s always with a little bit of sadness, that I leave the LongevityNow conference in Costa Mesa. I love being around like-minded health conscious people in a concentrated space for 3 days… it’s so empowering, educational, delicious and fun.  You meet healers, raw foodists, herbalists, raw food creators, doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, therapists, elite athletes, people who suffer from diseases who are here to find renewed hope and many more…….. and of course, I always enjoy the tonic bar around the corner, with super-hero power drinks, soups and ice creams.

Being at a conference is like living in a bubble with the best of everything and it makes me wonder, why we don’t create a world, where we have all these things around us every single day, instead of the plastic created chemical loaded environment, that doesn’t serve our body and minds.

Yesterday, I was really unfortunate, as I got food poisoning an hour or so after the lunch I had from the raw food truck (I blame it once again on the macadamia nuts). I got so sick, that I had to take an hour here and there to go and recover and just lie down. I missed a few speakers in the middle of the day. I could barely sit up at the conference during the rest of the day…but I recovered enough at the end of the evening to enjoy myself and listen to the speakers I hadn’t heard before…. really not good, but the raw water I drank for the next two days saved me.

I had just been on a 21 days detox, so I had only had raw foods and very little food in my stomach for the 3 days prior to the conference, and unfortunately this restaurant always use macadamia nuts…. and they always taste rancid – it’s not the first time I get sick from their foods, but this time was worse due to my detox and it makes me vulnerable to foods, that are not 100% fresh.

Speakers of the day…. I missed Jenny Ross from 118 Degrees – she did a raw food demo….

The next speakers now have their own blog post.









LongevityNow Conference – Day 3 (speaker: Dr. Daniel Amen)

The last speaker of the day was Dr. Daniel Amen. I had just seen him on tv a few weeks back. It’s funny I rarely watch tv, but a program appeared with this guy and he really fascinated me, as he said a lot of interesting things, that I could relate to and agree with. He is a doctor and a specialist in brain health. He talked about the brain, showed a lot of images, and we learned about how the brain works, looks and how it’s damaged, by specific sports, smoking (incl.  Marijuana), alcohol, dietary habits etc. very interesting and at times shocking.


Here’s his 5 reasons why you want a great brain:

  • 1) Great energy
  • 2) Look great
  • 3) Make great decisions
  • 4) Be a great role model
  • 5) Avoid the dinosaur syndrome


Did you know, that as your weight goes up, your brain size goes down… there is a difference in the brain size between a normal person brain versus a fat person’s brain. The frontal lobes are considered our emotional control center and home to our personality. There is no other part of the brain where lesions can cause such a wide variety of symptoms. The frontal lobes are involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior. The frontal lobes are extremely vulnerable to injury due to their location at the front of the cranium, proximity to the sphenoid wing and their large size. Damage or injury to the frontal lobe impacts learning ability, social and sexual behavior, the body’s orientation, depression, and disturbance of motor function…..

So where does the dinosaur syndrome some into the picture? Well, your weight (BMI) decide how much brain tissue you have and how much older our brain is …. so a BMI >25 indicate 4% less brain tissue and your brain is 8 years older than a healthy brain and a BMI >30 indicate you have 8% less brain tissue and the brain is 16 years older, than a normal brain. Interesting facts… the good news are, that this is reversible, when you lose the weight and eat a healthy diet and consume less alcohol.

About the dinosaurs: They had a big body, a tiny brain and what happened to them? They became extinct! So thats basically what happens to us, when we don’t eat and live healthy.

It’s so important to get out of denial… it doesn’t matter if you have an overweight child or you are overweight yourself. Be a warrior of your own health and brain… the reason why kids will not outlive their parents in this generation, is due to really bad dietary habits… the good news are, that when the parent is healthy it’s easier to become a better parent and feed your child better foods.

I found all Dr. Amens studies very interesting, but one thing I know is a big problem in America is all the anti-depressants people are on. The interesting facts are, that those anti-depressant medications are no better than placebos (this incl. anti-psychotics). Using anti-depressants for more than 1 month can make you do irrational things….really crazy things….. there is a simple way to handle depression and it’s far fro medication and it’s so simple, that most people wouldn’t even go there….. taking a pill is so easy and this is what traditional medicine will offer….a pill not a diagnosis.

Brain injures are caused by:

  • Brain injuries (accidents and sports)
  • drugs incl. marijuana (drops the function of the temporal lobes)
  • alcohol
  • obesity
  • insomnia/apnea
  • nicotine
  • caffeine
  • diabetes
  • Low hormones (get rid of the sugar – guar lowers testosterone by 25%)
  • life weights
  • Low vitamin D levels
  • Processed foods/sugar
  • chronic stress
  • unhealthy peer groups
  • untreated depression


So here are a few more brain health facts:

  • Half of the problem is diet – you should only eat superfoods
  • Kids should not play flag football and never tackle football
  • Xanax makes your brain look like you are an alcoholic
  • Sleep apnea doubles the risk of Alzheimers
  • If the brain is broken, you will have personality problems
And one thing for us all to remember… next time you meet an asshole you should maybe wonder if this person has a brain injury, because it’s very likely. 🙂
Last but not least…. half of the people you hang out with determine your longevity! I always say… you peer group determines who you are… if you have bad dietary habits, hang out with healthy people. If you have an alcohol problem, hang out with people who don’t drink….. it’s really that simple!
I also got Dr. Daniel Amens book during the book signing – I was the very last person as he was on his way out, but he kindly signed my book (after seeing my disappointed face)… nice guy! 🙂
So all in all, it was yet another great LongevityNow Conference and I am already looking forward to the next one in 2013….
Take a great day and make it yours! 🙂

LongevityNow Conference – Day 3 (speaker: Dr. Judith Orloff)

Dr. Judith Orloff and me at the LNC 2012

The next speaker was Dr. Judith Orloff (JO)was the next speaker. She is a MD and an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and author of the New York Times and international bestseller Emotional Freedom.

I have not heard about her before, but I think she made some really strong points, that I easily could relate to. She had a very holistic approach to health and that is one of the things I like about all the doctors at the conference….



They “holistic” doctors are not into over-medicating people and just subscribing a pill because its easy and because the “system” wants to handle the sick this way. They look for the cause of the disease and try various healing strategies, which incl. meditation, change of diet, incl. super foods and herbs etc.

Judith Orloff says we need to listen to our bodies and ask for inner guidance. We also need to realize what our belief systems is about health. What you believe in, set on a bio chemical response of chemicals and they will either make you feel good or the opposite…. we should lead a life of POSITIVITY instead of FEAR.

She also believe we are all on a healing journey – Your path is unique and your challenges are made specifically for you. Don’t compare yourself with others – Be sweet and compassionate with yourself – change your thoughts to more compassion. Raise your kids and provide them with powerful beliefs – make a commitment to live a fearless life – take breath – make a new commitment – and when you doubt…. help someone else….and remember NO is no a complete sentence…so don’t ever say no, or I can’t do this or no this is not for me…. NO is never an option for those who want more out of life…..

Best tip of the day:

This is something that is worth talking with your kids about too… we can all get this feeling, that a person has bad energy. They completely drain you or beam out this negative energy or you have this gut feeling, that something is not right…. the trick is to always follow your instinct…. move away from this person…even if that person sits next to you, or is constantly up in your face. You just get up and move to a different place. If you are in a position where you can not move away, turn your body away from this person and protect yourself from their negative energy. Listen to your gut…if something feels wrong, it is wrong!

If someone tells you something bad about another person, ignore other people or ask you to not talk or socialize with a certain person or  if this person bad mouths about someone else, then you can be sure, you will get the same treatment from that person, the moment you are no longer in their favor. Stay clear of those people, hold up your head and let them talk and act in their own nasty way…it tells a lot more about them, than it does about you. Remove yourself from people like that at all times, as they are massive energy drainers and will suck out your creativity and happiness.

LongevityNow Conference – Day 3 (speaker: Truth Calkins)

The next speaker of the day was Truth Calkins is the herbalist who runs the Erewhon Tonic bar in Los Angeles. Erewhon is my absolute favorite place to shop when I go for food in LA. They have EVERYTHING you need for a healthy lifestyle. It’s just the most amazing store with all the superfoods, raw foods and then this spectacular tonic bar in the middle.


Truth Calkins talked about various medicinal herbs, tonics and extracts and he for sure knows his stuff.

Every year I have been to the LNC, he has been the man behind the tonic and elixir bar at the LongevityNow conference and the tonic bar never disappoints. It offers a large variety of elixir drinks.

I have by now tried a good selection, even though I have to make a few changes to my drinks, but that’s never an issue (I guess everyone has their own philosophy about what health it).. – since I am vegan I take out colostrum and I absolutely despise stevia, so that goes too… however, this time I did by accident get stevia in one of my beverages, and it was a new brand, which didn’t taste as bad, so for those who would like to try the new stevia, that doesn’t kill your tastebuds, stay tuned, as I will most likely bring it up in another post.

Talking about beverages, imagine warm drinks that taste like cappuccino without the coffee and dairy and then loaded with medicinal herbs and raw cacao…. then go even further and think ice creams and soups…. well, I live on these drinks every year…and the only meal I had on the last the day of the conference, was a speciality $18,000 Jing Master ice cream…. I had it specially made, so I could stay awake and drive from LA to Northern California without falling asleep… – I basically thrived from 10.30 pm when I left the conference (and I hadn’t eaten all day, except a few kale chips, and some elixir drinks) until 6 am when I arrived home…. this is just the most potent stay awake drink you can have (without the caffeine and other nasty ingredients, that mess up your brain)…. I later tried the new jing master elixir mixture, that I now enjoy at home… I love to make my own versions of elixir drinks, they are so good for every cell in your body.


Tonic bar view from 2012 LNC

LongevityNow Conference – Day 3 (speaker: Nadine Artemis)

Nadine Artemis from living libations was another speaker. (Unfortunately I missed her presentation).  I have heard her before and she both looks amazing and has a beautiful feminine demonstration. She is one of those people in the health industry that looks radiant herself, so she is certainly doing something right.     Nadine makes the most amazing organic beauty products I have EVER  come across… I have used her products for the last 3 years, and I do have my special favorites, that I will make sure to review and add. Nadine also teach about self dentistry, and I have gotten most of the products from clay to gum health and yogi drops, that she makes. I was bummed that my favorite cream was sold out on day 1…but I got myself a new perfume made from essential oils… all her products make you feel like a goddess!

Longevity Conference – Day 2 (Speaker: Ron Teeguarden)

Last man of the day was Ron Teeguarden (RT)… the Master Herbalist, and the father of the tonic herbs movement in the US. He is also the co-founder of Dragon Herbs. His knowledge about herbs is beyond anyone I have ever heard.

I like his philosophy about taking medicinal herbs…. Don’t take them for today, but take them for tomorrow…. and this is a major difference in belief systems, than we have been taught by the Western Medicinal World, where you take your medicine now and hope to get some relief instantly…. no doubt that herbalists are a lot smarter… they prepare us for what is coming or could be coming, so we can withstand whatever hits us.

In this context, I think David Wolfe was spot on, when he said (about all of us taking medicinal herbs)… “we are not healing ourselves – we are activating super powers… 🙂

Ron Teeguarden also talked a lot about the body mind connection. How the different organs relate to each other. It’s so important to take care of your kidney and liver. When the kidneys are weak, the heart gets clogged and your mental power will be weak. One of the reasons I love cleansing/detoxing is to support the kidneys (and the liver) and when you do so, you really feel the impact…you get a very clear mind and feel strong …. People who get kidney stones, really need to change their lifestyle, as its an indication of weak kidneys…. kidneys are related to inner power, sex drive, life force…and so much more, so imagine what a lifestyle change and medicinal herbs can do, when you really clean up.

I loved Ron Teeguarden’s keys to wisdom…. and here are a few of his nuggets:

1) Live a life of moderation

2) Live a natural life

3) Give

4) Contemplate destiny (take time to think) and free will

5) Consider others

6) Read great books by wise people

7) Know the difference between wisdom & wordily knowledge

8) Nurture the Earth – Plant trees (even if you move)…..

And last but not least…. love yourself, love others and practice the all embracing love… go spread love….

Let go of being judgmental and resentful or being jealous. We are all one…. we all have a story…. we never know what other people have been through in their life…. show kindness – this is how we change the world….

Longevity Conference – Day 2 (Speaker: Dr. Joel Fuhrman)

Next speaker was Dr. Joel Fuhrmam, who is also known for writing the book Eat to Live.

He spoke a lot about nutrition, IGF-1 and how a high level can shorten your lifespan, double your risk of breast cancer, and how it promotes prostate and colon cancer…. I was happy to get the confirmation once again, that soy protein is not good for you, except for tempeh and edamame beans (and soy is a chapter in itself…. ).

Dr Fuhrman came with some interesting statistics….and one of them was from West Oakland in CA…. this city had 1 supermarket, 36 liquid stores and 683 fast food restaurants…. it kind of shows you, how people eat and live in that community. Have you ever had a look at your own little town?

Another interesting fact was that 100 years ago, the average american spent 3-6 months being ill until the end of their life. Today people spend 10 years of being ill in their lifetime….so basically we are really worse off today.

It also seems like it has become normal that children are ill and needs to have so many medications, pain killers and antibiotics…. this was definitely not the case in the past….sometimes I wonder how parents have adopted this sense of being ok with giving their kids medication and asking their doctor to prescribe this…. why are they not more critical and eager to learn about the cause and change the dietary and lifestyle habits? Well, like one person said to me… it’s so much easier to take a pill, it doesn’t require the parent to make any changes and somehow the responsibility is now passed on to the system and no longer the responsibility of the parent…. what do you think about that one?

More medical care does not mean better healthcare… real healthcare is self care (the reality today is, that the US has a lower life expectancy than any other country on the planet….and the kids in america will not live as long as their parents generation (all due to bad diets).

The SAD diet…(Standard American Diet… you know the hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas, processed and grain based foods)… they are all making it impossible for the immune system to function. When the immune system is suppressed, viruses will mutate into dangerous forms. Cancer is one of those threats and the largest threat to humans. Heart disease is easy to prevent, greens are known to prevent HPV (interesting huh), and so many other diseases can be prevented and cured by eating a healthy and wholesome diet, that is based on vegetables and fruits (please notice I didn’t say plant-based here….because grains are not a health food compared to vegetables and fruit and grain foods are mostly highly processed foods)….so to stay or become healthy eat vegetables and not grains, as this will also reduce your risk of colon cancer by 57% and by adding green tea and specific mushrooms the decreased  risk is 87%.