The Plantbased & Un-cooked Experience

Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast – Day 7

Today was major detoxing day for me. I was happy to have a home office day, as this day was a big elimination of stress and toxins. I felt fine, but not really in the mood for eating or making any juices this morning.


I started the morning with some herbal tea, and at 11 am. I felt it was time to let go and have a juice. So I juiced something simple… Apple-cucumber-celery. I drank a liter of that and even before I was done I could feel the change in my body. It’s quite interesting to observe, as I haven’t had this experience with any other cleanse or detox I have had in the past. I am still taking large amounts of chlorella and Liver Rescue 4+, which I feel is supporting me really well.

The next juice I made, was also the last juice of the day. So basically I only made two juices today and drank coconut water and water the rest of the time. I did add some probiotics to support the body in the detoxing process and later on some oxygen enhanced magnesium oxide.

This morning I woke up with really good legs. I couldn’t feel a thing from my run last night. But I immediately felt I had gotten an injury that really exploded from my trail run the other day. I got a sprained ankle. I did notice it a little the night before my longer run, but didn’t pay any attention to it. This morning it was all swollen and I hardly could walk on it. So I guess I need to do some isometric exercises and keep on icing it to get the swelling down. If its not gone by tomorrow, I need to do some drastic healing tricks really fast.

One of the things I would like to share with you is Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI). When I lived in London I spent a lot of time and focus on doing healing work on my body. I went to Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) for 3 years (2-3 times a week). NSA is the next level of Chiropractic care and is only done by Doctors of Chiropractic. It’s low force gentle touches of the spine, combined with breathing exercises, that makes this an amazing solution for healing the body and being able to deal better with stress, remove tension from the spine and nerves, and connect with your body’s natural rhythms, plus getting an equal balance on each side of the body. The most amazing experience was to develop the Somatopsychic and Respiratory “healing waves”, which you will only understand when you do it. This health technology was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein…so why do I mention this? Well, because it really works on back pain, balancing the body and removing stress and pain from various areas of the body and because while I was doing this, a Somato Respiratory Integration healer also worked with the SRI place. This technology is a very powerful tool to have, when you are at home. SRI was also developed by Donald Epstein, who wrote the book The 12 stages of healing. SRI helps the brain to reconnect with the body and don’t we all need this from time to time :) – I started integrating this into my daily routine today. I use other technologies during this cleanse, which will maximize the outcome of this cleanse, some of these I will share along the way!

You are welcome to post comments on my blog and ask questions. I know some of you are doing it and sending to me in private mails and thats ok, but the more we share in the open, the more people it benefit and don’t hesitate to click on my like button on my website…. :) (I really appreciate it – Thanks)

Weight Loss of the day:

  • 0kg/0 lbs

Juices of the day:

  • Herbal Tea with Citrus
  • Coconut water (8 oz/ 237ml)
  • Apple-Celery-Cucumber (1L/33 oz.)
  • Kale-Celery-Carrot-Apple-Ginger (1L/33 oz)
  • Coconut water (16 oz/474 ml)
  • Purified water with lime juice (1.5L/50.72 oz)

Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast – Day 6


 It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.  – Buddha 
Day 6 has proved to be the most exciting day of them all so far. I still enjoy every juicy moment and in particular designing juices that feeds my creative juices each day!
I went to the beach today, as the weather in the Bay area was nice and warm. I love the ocean. Maybe because I grew up very close to the ocean. Most of my life I have always been no more than 10-15 min. (bike distance) away from the ocean, so I always feel at peace when I can be near it, see and hear the waves and also smell the fresh air mixed with oceanic wildlife.  The water temperatures of the Pacific Ocean are extremely cold, but today they were really nice….walking in the water is very grounding, as it takes away any stress or imbalances one might have. The ocean is a big healer, and I think people know this, as always see so many happy faces when I am there…. (nothing like Las Vegas, which I visited last week…everyone looked so sour and unhappy)!
So why was this day so special…. well the sun and the ocean is definitely something that makes me really happy, but I had a magic moment today. See I am not a long distance runner and have never been. I usually run between 5-8K and I am in my worst shape ever since 2010. However, I started running again (a few times) since March 3rd, and today I beat my own record on distance… I ran 15.5K/9.63mi. It’s only the second time in my life I have run this far. Last time was in 2010, when I ran 21.3km/13 mi, which is a half-marathon (I did not run in any competition). I am quite amazed, since I felt I could run and run tonight. If the gym had not closed at 10 pm, I would have run a little more than this. I also did some weight lifting, and felt really strong. It’s quite an accomplishment for me in the first place, since I haven’t trained for this and secondly this is my day 6 on a cleanse. Once again it proves to me that my vegan and raw lifestyle is a power diet, that can have you accomplish so much more in life….and on top of this you feel healthy all the time.
I was going to write a little about enemas and colonics tonight, but I think it’s time to call it the day…. I hope, that you will get inspired at some point, to start a juice cleanse, as this is really something that will do you good….and if you have kids, let them in on the various juices, that’s what I do…my kids try every juice and some they love and others yikes…. 🙂
Weight Loss of the day:
0.5 kg/1.1 pounds (this is a total of 2.5kg/5.5 lbs)
Juices of the day:
  • Coconut Water (12 oz./350ml)
  • Papaya-Lime (1L/33 oz)
  • Pineapple-Celery-Cucumber-Cilantro (1L/33 oz)
  • Kale-Yams-Celery-Orange-Beet-Cucumber-Grapefruit/Carrot (1.5L/50.7 oz)
  • Apple-Celery0Cucumber (1L/33 oz)
  • Coconut water (24 oz/705ml)


I also drank 2 liters of purified water, one during/after my run

Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast – Day 5


Day 5 of the juice fast went well. I should actually change the wording from FAST to FEAST, as I did with the CLEANING into CLEANSING. It is a feast and real treat to live this way. 100% homemade raw organic juices every day and in those quantities is a real treat for the body, mind and soul. I enjoy getting all my vegetables and fruits out and just looking at them. The only thing that bothers me with juicing is the massive amounts of pulp. I know I will enjoy getting back into blending and getting all the fibers, when I am done with the juice feast, it’s a lot less waste (but I do compost, so some use it will provide in the end).

I am beginning to experience visible physical changes, which is incredible. I want to save some of these changes to my last day, when I re-cap my cleanse. My energy level is high and I feel really amazing. I don’t have any major detox symptoms as such, but I did feel a little blurry in the eyes after my evening drink. Somehow my comfort for the evening has become my ritual of taking the Chlorella, MSM and Liver Rescue 4+… it feels like they are giving my body some special support.

The weather was beautiful here in the Bay area. I spent a lot of time gardening. There is nothing like preparing your garden with tons of herbs and vegetables and berries. I don’t have a huge garden, but I am going to make the most of it. I have had two large planters made and also use pots to grow in. This year I am going to expand my two planters with a very large custom built one, as I want to do some serious gardening, so that will be a really exciting adventure this year.

My herb garden has Mint, Sage, Greek and Italian Oregano, Basil, Flat Leaf Parsley, Chives, Curly Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Chamomile. My vegetable garden has Romaine, Spinach, Red Chard, beets, corn, bell papers, zucchini, yellow squash, melon, Fennel, various hot peppers and tomatoes and then I also got Strawberry, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Meyer Lemon, Lime and Grape. I have a lot more planned, but this was the project of the day! Bare feet gardening is so grounding and is like meditation when juice feasting.

Weight loss of the day:

  • 0kg/0 lbs

Juices of the day:

  • Carrot Juice (250ml/8 oz)
  • Citrus Juice (Oranges, nectarines, grapefruit) (250 ml/8oz)
  • Beet-Celery-Kale-Cucumber-Apple (1L/33 oz)
  • Melon-Mint (250ml/8 oz)
  • Watermelon (250 ml/8 oz)
  • Raw Coconut Water (0.5L/16 oz)
  • Carrot-Mango-Orange (0.5L/16 oz)
  • Asparagus-Celery-Red Chard-Parsley-Cucumber-Peas-Grapes-Pear-Apples (1L/33 oz) This one was my favorite of the day!!!!

Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast – Day 4

What an amazing day!

It’s hard to describe how I feel right now, that I am just off the trail run – made it for 7K and feel so good. I thought I was going to die on the way up the mountain, but it passed after a while and then I ran like a breeze (and I am certainly not in my best shape these days). I am trying to take the opportunity of juice cleansing and getting back in shape for the summer. I know running alone won’t do it for my body type, so I have to add in other things like rowing, weightlifting, mountain biking, hiking, yoga etc. I have never done a juice cleanse like this one before, and I am experimenting and adding in new things to my program daily….and I am only on day 4 so far, but this is certainly another level of comfort compared to e.g. the master cleanse or more “grassy” detoxes….

The biggest learning from the day was not to mix too many ingredients at a time and not adding an ingredient, you haven’t juiced before, without tasting it first …. I was in a hurry, I had only had raw coconut water for breakfast, so my brunch combo needed to be loaded with goodies, which it was, but I made a big mistake… in my hurry I grabbed a piece of fresh horseradish instead og burdock root… my juice was ruined (I didn’t know until I tasted it)… its very harsh and went straight to my head…. and I soon felt the impact of detoxing on horseradish – no more to share 🙂 …. but you know what…everything happens for a reason, and maybe this was was I needed to speed up the detox process. Since that incident, I was more in the mood for more gentle juices.

Even though I wasn’t that keen on the horseradish, I still get a lot of benefits from drinking it. I read up on Horseradish and found out that it’s actually used as a medicinal root by European herbalists. It’s very powerful when you want to treat kidney stones and edema. It’s also used to treat coughs and sore throats and is a digestive stimulant (there you have it :)) and has the qualities of ginger and garlic in activity for cancers, heart and heavy metal detoxification and removes disease plague. So don’t be afraid of trying my new mixture, it taste better on the 2nd 12 oz. glass 🙂

I also added in Liver Rescue 4+, ZeoForce, MSM and Chlorella in large amounts…. I got my Vitamin D dose running….I just can’t get enough of the sun!!!

I still don’t have any cravings, so I am pretty lucky. I made vegan pizza for the first time in a month for my family and it did smell good for a minute, but then that emotions disappeared… one of my biggest strengths is definitely the ability to resist any dependency on any kind of food or beverage, I am always 100% in control….and this part is exactly what most people lack…the secret…food cravings are always emotional dependency 🙂

Juices of the day:

  • 100% raw coconut water (705ml/24 oz)
  • Celery-Carrots-Red Apples-Orange-Ginger-Romaine Lettuce-Kale-Ginger-Cucumber-(Horseradish LOL, that should have been Burdock root, which is a blood cleanser) (2L/66 Oz.)
  • Watermelon juice (1/2 liter/16.5 oz)
  • Orange Juice (1/4 liter/8.45 oz.)
  • Celery-Pineapple-Cucumber-Cilantro-Apple-Orange (1 liter/33 oz)

Weight Loss of the day:

500g (1/2kg)/1.1 lbs


Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast – Day 3


Another super day went by on the juice fasting cleanse. I had a really busy day with back-to-back client meetings, and going from one place to the other and finally ending the night networking with a wonderful group of entrepreneurial women.

I didn’t have a lot of time to plan my beverages today, so everything went really fast in regards to making my juices, but I tried to be creative and make something new. This morning, I still had fresh produce in my fridge and a quick drive by Whole Foods helped me stock up on extras for the next few days.

Energy levels are pretty high. Only time I had any detoxing symptoms was right after my morning drink. A little blurry eyes and then it was gone within 30 min. I didn’t have time to exercise as planned, which is a bummer, but some days, it’s just that way and you will have to make up for it in other ways.

I added the Liver Rescue 4+ from Health Force during the day and MSM powder and a handful of Chlorella tablets with my mint water

There is so much beauty in making your own juices, instead of buying them pre-made. I don’t like to drink beverages, that I know have been produced in a factory. They hardly have any nutritional value to offer, no enzymes and don’t taste as great as the ones I make myself – also I know each and every ingredient in my juice and know that everything is 100% organic.  Making your own juices, also makes it possible to juice local produce (I go to the farmers market on weekends and stock up on local foods). e.g. I love eating root vegetables, that still have their roots and tops attached. I know that a plant holds it’s life force for just a short time, after being harvested, and it then begins to decompose. So the closer we are to our food source, the more vital foods we put into our bodies and the more vital and alive we become…it’s that simple!


Weight Loss today: 200g/0.44 lb

Juices of the day

  • Kale-Bok Choy-English Cucumber-Green Apples-Ginger-Grapefruit-Oranges
  • Fennel-Apple-Beet-Carrots-Ruccula-Ginger- Oranges
  • Spinach-Pineapple-Celery-Grapes-Cucumber-Grapefruit
  • Swiss Chard-Romaine-Carrots-Lemon-Red Apple-Ginger-Oranges
  • Watermelon Juice
  • Purified water with fresh mint leaves for flavoring




Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast – Day 2

I learned one thing last night – it’s good to have a plan, but better to write about it in the evening, when you adjust the plan during the day – I have added some extra updates and juice changes from yesterday, which I have added to this post instead.

Day 1 (extra update)

When I woke up on Tuesday morning, I just knew this was the day I wanted to do my cleanse. I don’t need a lot of planning, as my fridge and house is always filled with tons of organic veggies and fruit, so it’s pretty easy for me to do.

After my morning drink, I felt a bit dizzy or dis-oriented for about an hour or so. I thought, YES, now comes the major detox, but it soon disappeared. I had tons of energy, so I went to the gym, and did some running (8 1/2 km – approx. 5 mi), moderate weightlifting program, 200 sit-ups and stretching. I had more energy for running and training, but I ran out of time…. ok workout for the first day of detoxing.

The only time, I had a craving for food today, was when I made my kids dinner. Those crunchy vegetables, especially the carrots and yams, made my teeth want to chew and feel that crunchy sweet vegetable. Besides that I had no issues when making a raw/cooked vegan meal for my family, and with no temptation or desire at all, so that part is fortunately pretty easy for me.

My kids loved my Pineapple-Grapefruit-Cilantro-Cucumber-Kale-Celery juice, so I had to share a lot of my dinner drink, which I of course didn’t mind. My only problem is, I got a bit more hungry, which was the first time today I felt any hunger. I tried to kill my hunger with warm water and lemon, but it wasn’t quite enough. So at 11 pm, I made a simple 16 0z. Master Cleanse drink… water, lemon and cayenne. I left out the sweetener, as I don’t want to add any sugar, that is not part of a plant food, and that drink solved my problem completely…it was actually heavenly because I added 2 tsp of cayenne…. :) . The combination of cayenne with lemon is great when you want to destroy the feeling of hunger and fortunately I love very hot chili :)


Variety is key – also when you are vegan

Variety is key to enjoying any kind of food. It doesn’t matter if you live on a plant-, fish or meat-based diet, they can all be boring and even taste awful, if not prepared in the right way. Also eating the same 5-10 dishes over and over again, are not helping people getting excited about any meal.

I have noticed, that a lot of vegan foods (health food stores, restaurants and Wholefoods) are turning into something, that was probably not the original intention. Vegan has turned into  low vegetable, high grain, loaded with soy, salts and sweeteners, just like any other unhealthy processed food. Just because something is made out of rice, amaranth, corn or quinoa, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Fresh, organic, seasonal vegetables are missing in most places and without those being the majority of any meal, you are not eating healthy. Vegans should really reflect on how the meal in front of them is put together. Just check out your plate next time you eat (vegans and non-vegans) – how much is actually vegetables and how much is grains. A rule of thumb is, that at least 80% of your food should be high water content food and preferably vegetables.

The day was busy with work and I also had a meeting with my amazing friend. We are doing a workshop together on May 24th, in Los Gatos. We are  combining Feng Shui & Whole Food Nutrition in one powerful combination. That program is now available on my website under workshops. So if you are interested in knowing, how you can take you life to new levels and gain insights to how you can clean up your inner and outer environment, this workshop is for you. There will be time for questions and also some surprises along the way! So if you and your friends are in the area, please make sure to sign up on the website.

My energy is amazingly high today. No detox symptoms at all. I did lose my bloated travel stomach overnight, so that part feels better. It’s also interesting to feel, that I am getting all my inspiration back. When you are in winter mode and feel toxins are building up inside of you, you have very little energy for doing those extra-ordinary things, which are the ones that makes life juicy and interesting. I noticed I have a different level of calibration and this is powerful, when you want to avoid bad stress and live in synchronicity with your environment . Juicing is an amazing way to get it all out… less stress, lose weight, getting rid of toxins, have more energy and finding balance in life.

I got an opportunity to take a quick run this afternoon – I only had about 1/2 hr but I quickly ran a 6K. My energy is top notch and I feel no negative impact from juice fasting, except that I lost a few pounds overnight… so this evening, I added a considerable amount of the next level of zeolites – aka ZeoForce from HealthForce, which is one of my favorite brands, when it comes to natural healthy powders – they are 100% vegan, gluten-free, and made from pure ingredients (I am not getting paid to say this :) ) but it’s really wonderful when a company make something that truly works and taste great as well (well for some of us :) ). ZeoForce is not just for internal use, its great as a face & body mask (you know the saying, if you can’t eat it, you don’t want to put it in your face or on your body)….

I also started on taking my daily Liver Rescue 4+ from HealthForce Nutritional.

Time to get down to the numbers of the day…..

Weight Loss today: 2 kgs/4.4 lbs.

Juices of the day

  • Melon-Cilantro (1 liter/33 oz)
  • Purified water with Vitamineral greens (1 liter/33 oz)
  • Beet-Romaine Lettuce-Ginger-Carrot-Apple-Celery (1 liter/33 oz)
  • Warm water with rose hips & apple (to flavor)
  • Watermelon Juice (16 oz)
  • Spinach-Pineapple-Celery-Grapes-Cucumber-Grapefruit(1 l) (I stirred in about 1/3 of the juice with 6 tblsp ZeoForce)
  • Watermelon juice
  • Purified water with mint leaves (for flavor)
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Spring Cleanse – Juice Fast – Day 1

Welcome to the first day of my Juice Fast (I haven’t really decided how long it should last this time, as I usually like to do it for 10-14 days, but this time, I feel I need to do a longer and more intensive one, so we will see).

These days there are many people who are juice fasting around the world, and it feels really nice for me to know, that I am part of a big community of like-minded, health conscious people, who are on the same path. I urge you to get started on the spring cleanse now, and do try a juice fast – it’s the best thing you can do for your body, mind and soul. You can do anything from 3-7 days or 10-21 days or even more…. your body will thank you for doing this, and the benefits are just amazing. There is so much power in juice fasting.

Spring is the best time of the year to really get rid of the winter, and prepare your body to take in all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong. Spring is such a beautiful reminder of the circle of life. When you go outside, you can’t help noticing, all the activities, that are happening everywhere in nature. Plants are sprouting up everywhere and the animals are so ecstatic, the bees are pollinating, little birds are hatching and there is just this buzzing and humming everywhere. For me, this is my favorite time to go outside, feel the fresh air, walk bare feet, soak up the sun and start my vegetable garden. Spring is a magical time, where we get a chance to say good-bye to the old and welcome the new.

So many people are interested in doing a detox or cleanse, and are really curious about how to do this with the most impact. For many people it’s also an intimidating thing to do, as they think, they will be hungry, miserable and not able to do their daily work and chores, and when it’s time to really clean out (I mean enemas and colonics (its kindda taboo). I do understand this part, and to be honest, there are many ways to give the body a break and clean out the toxins, stress, bad eating habits etc. I have tried many different things throughout my life…from the extreme to the less extreme detox and cleanse programs, and I find, that juice cleansing is the most gentle, high impact thing you can do, and still have an active lifestyle.

So what has led me to start this juice fast? Well, I have done it every year at this time for most of my adult life, so it has become a habit over the years. I really enjoy it, and take the time to reflect and adjust my goals in life. I always gain extra weight between January and April…. I am no longer a heavy person (used to weigh 10 kgs/22 lbs more prior to being vegan), but I do feel it when I am 2-4 kgs (4.4-8.8 lbs) heavier. None of my clothes feel comfortable anymore. It’s funny, because I live a very healthy lifestyle, with lots of juices, raw foods and I am 100% vegan. Somehow, I just eat more in those last months of the winter (I blame it on the lack of sunshine), and if I haven’t exercised enough or been on road trips, my digestive system just quits on me. So what do I do? I listen to my body…. and then I have a board meeting with my brain, colon, kidney, liver, gall- bladder, and heart. We all agree, that it’s time to free up some space, as things are getting clogged up and crowed in my system.

So what’s the hardest thing about starting a juice cleanse….. it’s like anything in life… the first step is the hardest, and this is where the journey begins.

Many years ago I did the firewalk with Anthony Robbins. You basically walk on red-hot coals for 3.5 m/12 feet and you chant cool moss, cool moss with thousands of people supporting you…. the learning experience I took away from this, I use for many things in my life, and I tap into this whenever I need some extra strength

  • The physical body is ALWAYS ruled by thought; nothing can happen on the physical level, unless it first happens in the thought
  • The power of focus will get you through even the most seemingly impossible obstacles
  • The longer you lose your focus during extreme challenges, the more you get burnt
  • There is no such thing as impossible (I learned that from a man named Art Berg
  • Many people let FEAR rule their lives and often don’t even attempt what seems impossible
  • When I am ABSOLUTELY focused little can stop me
I learned a lot more, but the above is the summary of the learnings that can be applied when you do a juice fast. The first 2-3 days of the fast will be the hardest. Your body is going to ask you “are you going to eat today or what?”… I already noticed the craving for a bite of crunchy sweet yams, when I did my kids lunch boxes this morning. The trick is to make a large batch of juice and sip it slowly… This morning I made 1 liter /33.8 oz. and now it’s time for water and my cravings were gone immediately. By the way, cravings usually disappear after the first 3 days, so if you have food cravings, this is one of the methods to get rid of them.
My plan is to go for a run and do some weights today. I usually enjoy light exercise when I am juice fasting, but today, I feel in the mood for a run, so I will try it out and see how that goes.
I am not surprised to feel the impact of the juicing already. I have been on a road trip for 10 days and sitting in a car for many hours, is not the best thing for your digestive system. I lived very healthy on my trip and had juices every day, but traveling makes me bloated and gain weight. I know I am now reversing the damage from overeating carbs and protein (all plant-based though, but it’s still too much).
My goal with this juice fast is to lose weight, lose about 5 kg/11 lbs, that I gained over the winter and go from an 80/20 vegan raw/cooked lifestyle to a 90-100% raw lifestyle again.
Weight loss:
0 kgs/0 lbs
Juices I had or plan to have today:
Cucumber-Celery-Apple-Lemon-Ginger-Spirulina, Kale
So stay tuned, and I will update my blog every day throughout the cleanse.
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So are you in? Let me know, if you are going to be with me for this one, and also share your goals….
“it matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.”
– “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley